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4th Sunday of Easter: Leaders Step Up

3rd Sunday of Easter: The Reward of Faith

2nd Sunday of Easter: The Joy of the Gospel

Passion Sunday: The Veil was torn from Top to Bottom

4th Sunday of Lent: A Sign

3rd Sunday of Lent: I Thirst

1st Sunday of Lent: To know what is in the heart

5th Sunday of Ordinary Time: A Light and Salt

Baptism of the Lord: Mystical Body

Epiphany: Let us be a light to the nations


2019 and earlier:

1st Sunday of Advent: Make Room for Christ

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Witness of the Marytrs

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time: What Stops Jesus in His Tracks?

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time: One Proud of His Humility, OneHumbled by His Pride

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Faith is a VERB

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time: God’s Love is Ridiculous!

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Cost of Discipleship

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time: We don’t know how many will be saved.

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Spiritual Capital–Treasures in Heaven

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Open your barn doors!

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Persistence pays off.

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time: the Man in the Ditch

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Go be a Lamb

Corpus Christi: Give them some food yourselves.

Trinity Sunday, Year C.

Pentecost: How can this be?

Easter 6: The Holy Spirit has decided

Easter 5: Love is not sentimental

4 Easter: Good Shepherd Intimacy and Friendship

Easter 3: We can never go back

Lent 5: To err is human, to forgive is divine

Lent 4: A penny maintains its worth

Lent 2: What Needs to Change

Lent 1: In the Desert

1-13-19: Baptism of the Lord

1-6-2019: Epiphany 2019

12-30-2018, Christmas Homily

12-9-2018, 2 Advent: The Call of the Desert

12-2-2018, 1 Advent: Jesus is the Star

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Fr. James Cink



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